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Every business we engage with reports difficulties in finding the right skills to support their growth. Skills shortages and bottlenecked skills pipelines create significant competition for talent. These problems are found across all sectors and in businesses of all sizes, from large corporates to SMEs.

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Today’s skills and careers landscapes can be complex and confusing for young people to navigate, at times being overwhelming. This, combined with the dynamic and rapidly changing in-demand skills needed for the future world of work, can lead to:

Overall, these issues can contribute to persistent levels of economic inactivity, inhibit business and economic growth, and result in high levels of training churn. 

4C UR Future have an ambitious vision to involve, inform, and inspire every young person in Northern Ireland, enabling them to make more empowered education and career choices, and optimising their opportunity to contribute to society and the economy.

As an industry-led social enterprise, our work would not be possible without the support we receive from our members – employers and supporting organisations of all sizes and from all sectors.

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Many careers initiatives are dependent on school location, resources, or happenchance. This results in inequality of opportunity and economic disadvantages. 

Our ambition is to work with employers and stakeholders to help every young person in NI become the best version of themselves and foresee their own futures.

We do this by independently facilitating industry-led and enhanced careers support, and we’re starting with the following initiatives:

4C UR Future LIVE

4C UR Future LIVE is a fast-paced and action-packed careers inspiration event for Year 9 pupils, featuring work-based games and skills challenges that are developed in collaboration with local employers from across NI. 

The games aim to draw out and identify each young person’s strengths and attributes, relative to future of work employability criteria, with each participant receiving a Player Feedback Profile’ after the event.

4C UR Future LIVE events are facilitated by over 500 volunteers from over 80 cross-sectoral businesses and organisations.


The 4C UR Future CAREERS PORTAL is a digital engagement platform full of useful resources, activities, and signposting to further sources of information and support. 

Resources are developed collaboratively with local employers to ensure they are up to date, relevant, and relatable – showcasing the wide range of employers and career opportunities available right here in Northern Ireland.

The 4C UR Future CAREERS PORTAL is a first generation pilot platform that is being released in phases. The first release in 2022 is for Year 10 pupils.

Y9 Pupils at 4C UR Future LIVE Newry playing 'Test Lab'.

Our members can benefit from:

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