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4C UR Future Careers Portal - Launching September 2022!

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“Events focused on future opportunities give our young people an invaluable insight into the future world of work and how they can use their talents and skills to make a real difference to their future.”

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“It’s all about interacting with the children, and today’s event has been absolutely fantastic; giving young people information to help them make the right career choices and the right path for them.”

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“Young people need to be equipped with the skills that they need, but they need to explore new areas and where their aptitude is in a variety of things, and make sure they make the right choices.”

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“The innovative 4C UR Future LIVE initiative aims to give thousands of Year 9 pupils an early opportunity to explore their talents and skills.”

  • 4C UR Future LIVE Volunteer Training

    May 30, 2022

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