4C UR Future


How do I register for a 4C UR Future CAREERS PORTAL account?

The 4C UR Future CAREERS PORTAL is a first-generation pilot.

In 2022, the following groups can have access to the CAREERS PORTAL:

  • Teachers and Careers Teachers working in post primary schools in Northern Ireland.
  • Students in Year 9 in the 2021/2022 academic year and who are based in Northern Ireland.
  • Companies and organisations that are members of 4C UR Future.
  • 4C UR Future volunteers and ‘Career Heroes’.

4C UR Future is an independent and industry-led social enterprise with a mission to involve, inform, and inspire young people to make more empowered education and career choices.

Our aim is to develop the 4C UR Future CAREERS PORTAL to give access to more Year groups of young people, to parents, and to other relevant stakeholders and organisations.

To find out if you’re eligible for an account, email info@4curfuture.com.